The first days after you receive  your garment, it is recommended to use it daily for 1 or more hours per day, building up to 4 hours. For the first two weeks, you will wear your garment a little more each day until you reach 4-5hours. This is to accustom your body to the new garment and your posture while wearing your garment. After two weeks you may increase your wear to build up to 8 hours daily, 10 at the most, with the purpose of not demanding too much of your body and looking for this process to be as comfortable as possible. Remember that excesses are never beneficial. 

-Dedication is required in order to achieve optimum results!

-DO NOT TRY SMALLER SIZES, THIS MAY HARM YOU. Improperly sized garments can cause pain, fainting and possible serious damage to a person's body.

-You can breathe, eat, drink and do most activities that you would normally perform in a day.

-This garment is of intimate use; washing it regularly is suggested. 

- How to hook...Hooking your waist garment upwards enhances the breast area. Hooking your waist garment downwards will enhance the hips, thighs, and buttocks.

-While waist training we recommend eating a healthy diet and incorporating an exercise program to eliminate excess fat. 

-Garments will form pockets, or appear bulky when inch loss has occurred. If this should happen we recommend a new garment.