Powernet Bodyshaper 305-1


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Focus on your waist,buttocks, and thighs!

This all-in-one cincher is designed to reshape your midsection,buttocks, and thighs with consistent use, making that slim and trim waist line yours in no time while lifting the butt. Wearing this garment everyday can decrease your waist size 1-4" within the first 30 days of use.

-Made with Powernet.
-Short butt lifter.
-Shapes your waist.
-Reduces the abdomen.
-Corrects posture.
-Lifts up the breasts.
-Shapes thighs.
-Wide straps.
-Anti-Allergenic cotton lining material.
-Lace embroidery.
-Front zipper.
-Greater prominence of buttocks.

-Maximum Control.